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“Choose work to your liking, and you don’t have to work for a day” – this quote Confucius has become popular today. People spend years looking for a business of life that will bring not only money, but also moral satisfaction. About how to find a calling and why only a few manage to keep up with a dream, says the existential coach Rinna Pushti.

For years, people cannot find their calling for the same reasons why they cannot meet the second half or decide to move. “Here everything comes down to the concept of“ super -item, ”explains Rina Pashti’s coach. – A person initially chooses a hard -to -use task, perfectly realizes this, but puts on a con and happiness and pleasure. For example, people say: “Here the children will finish school, then we can afford to go on vacation”. A condition for happiness is created in the future. As a rule, when it is performed, there are new causes of delay. From the category: “Ah, if my dream came true, another life would have come then”.

Calling is an abstract and swollen value, each understands it in his own way. The streamlines of the topic allows you to blame the feeling of dissatisfaction that “I do not know my calling, so I am in an eternal search”.

“Of course, the first law of the universe works here: the law of conservation of energy. Search is always easier, dreaming is also easier, ”says Rina. – Each person makes a choice: to deal with dissatisfaction or follow the departing sun “.

The position of the victim

Let’s figure out what a portrait of a woman looks like in an eternal search. She has low self -esteem, often unhappy, is in the position of the victim. There is a job that also causes dissatisfaction, but it does not allow itself to quit, since there are no other options. If in a nutshell, this is a woman who believes that she has already done everything that she could, but her case is so unique that no high -class specialist can help her.

“For me, the interest of the client in the consultation is indicative. When she asks: “You will definitely help me? I have already passed twenty -five people ” – this is a victim. For her, the main thing is to make sure of your rightness again. She is ready to circumvent many psychologists, coach, coaches, astrologers “.

The victim’s position is profitable and convenient. The reasons why a person chooses it lies in childhood. When the child lacks attention and love, he tries to defeat the warmth of his mother. Even some pediatricians began to pay attention to this. When children are sick a lot, they consider it important to look at the relationship of the parent and the child. If the mother constantly works and devotes little time to the child, then he unconsciously with the help of the disease begins to “pull” her to himself.

How to find a vocation?

Look at those people who are not looking for calling. They are passionately in love with what they do. They have no questions than to do. Despite all the inflatedness of this topic and an esoteric raid, find a vocation – to do what you love, that you “light up” you. Where to start searching?

“The mistake of people is that they immediately start detailed searches: what to do, in which city, on which street,” the expert explains. – It is not right. First you need to learn to make Dzingalo inside a cup of tea, from the clothes that you wear. You cannot find what you like if you do not know

yourself and your preferences. Our whole life is being built on the word “need”. The calling implies a revision of what you considered to be granted. In fact, you need to put the foundation of life again, allow yourself to love yourself. Otherwise, you simply devalue everything in the future and return to the fact that “you need like this”, as the husband or society said. You will not give yourself permission to realize “.

How to realize a calling?

As you know, finding a vocation – twenty percent of success, the remaining eighty – implementation. How to realize a dream in life? “It is impossible to force yourself, so it is important to find the way yourself,” the coach advises. – Because we always value what we invest, time, energy in. If people are looking for answers on the side, then it will be difficult for them to realize a calling. When a person invests resources, the question becomes so valuable that motivation arises. “I spent so much strength! I will not Give Up!»It should come from the inside. Search is an active process. On this path there are various obstacles. The more harden, the easier the implementation stage will pass. If you took an answer from an astrologer, then the likelihood that you will take a couple of steps, stumble and do not want to get up – 99%”.