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The Golden Mask Festival 2015 is not only the 54 best Russian performances of different genres. These are also out -of -competition programs “Mask Plus”, “Children’s Weekend”, street performances and foreign productions. How not to get lost in this variety? Without claiming objectivity, Psychologies draws attention to ten events of Moscow theater spring.

The text of Andrei Mogeliy, Sergey Nosov, Svetlana Schagina Postostanovka Andrei Mogly Bolshoi Drama Theater. G. Tovstonogov, St. Petersburg Drama Theater, Small Form performance The best work of the director is about what Alice Freindlich is about, she’s just Alice, falls into the bizarre Carroll world, where he was probably still a girl and where she was still remembered and waited for a hatter, a March hare and a March hare and a March hare andcharacters who have nothing to do with Lewis Carroll. Why look at the first production of the avant -garde director Andrei Mighty in the position of artistic director of the famous BDT turned out to be a very interesting, even a stage performance. Alice Freindlich appears in the role of actress-philosopher, fearlessly asking the being of questions about life and death, meaning and justice.Quote “In the second act, the mighty turns the performance into a kind of friendly evening, at which old friends gathered to listen to stories about their general and already distant past. Washing the boundaries between the hall and the scene, he achieves a 100 % effect of presence and makes us forget that we are in the theater “. “ ”when and where is March 25-26, 19:00;Amedia film studio, Pavilion No. 13;Age 18+Association Psychologies: I live the past why we need memories

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Το σημείο G, με το όνομα από τον επιστήμονα που ανακαλύφθηκε από το Grafenberg του, είναι μια ερωτική περιοχή με μέγεθος 50 Penny Coin. Βρίσκεται στο μπροστινό τοίχωμα του κόλπου και καλύπτεται με ένα λεπτό ευαίσθητο ύφασμα, και όταν το άγγιξε γίνεται περισσότερο και δίνει ευχαρίστηση. Πιστεύεται ότι μπορεί να είναι το κλειδί βιαγκρα παρενέργειεσ τον οργασμό σε μερικές γυναίκες.

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